Renter Eviction Avoidance Program (REAP)

The Issue

The Housing Authority of Annapolis (HACA) owns and manages all the public housing properties in the City of Annapolis.  For multiple reasons over the years, HACA has faced challenges collecting rent at its properties, and as a result, HACA is under substantial financial strain.  Nearly half of all households in HACA properties will be at risk of eviction for Failure to Pay Rent when COVID-related protections against evictions end.

The Response

Anne Arundel County, in partnership with Arundel Community Development Services, Inc (ACDS), has funded a Renter Eviction Avoidance Program (REAP), for residents living in HACA properties.  ACDS has contracted with Civil Justice, Inc., to work closely with ACDS and connect households with financial, community and legal resources needed to avoid eviction and get on track to maintain stable housing going forward.

How to Get Help

If you are a tenant facing eviction from a property owned by HACA, call us at (443) 582-3596 for free financial counseling, legal help and coordination with possible financial resources.