Public Interest Litigation

Civil Justice has several lawyers on staff who provide direct representation to Maryland consumers with legal issues that have broad public impact. Current cases involve mortgage servicing, predatory lending, foreclosure practices, automobile fraud, and other consumer protection issues. Civil Justice files individual and class cases, co-counsels with Civil Justice Network members, and files amicus briefs in important consumer impact litigation.

Civil Justice also occasionally files test suits where the immediate private interest may be small but potential impact is larger for the general public. Additionally, in some instances when private counsel is not available for the client, Civil Justice may assist the client through the resolution process.

Most of the public interest litigation undertaken by Civil Justice has been on behalf of Maryland consumers with legal issues involving mortgage servicing, predatory lending or foreclosure practices, RESPA violations, and other related subject areas. Civil Justice will also co-counsel with Civil Justice network members on important consumer impact litigation.

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For more information about Civil Justice's public interest litigation activities, please contact:

Alexa Bertinelli