Maryland Lawyer Referral Service

Civil Justice maintains the only state-wide lawyer referral service in Maryland.  Potential clients can search the directory of Civil Justice members by county and practice area through our website, fill out an online intake form by clicking here, or call (410) 706-0174 to go through a telephonic intake that first screens callers for eligibility for free legal services through organizations such as Legal Aid and Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Service and then refers the matter to Civil Justice members if no free legal help is available.  

Unlike many lawyer referral services, Civil Justice does not charge the potential clients for this service and does not charge its members for the referral or take any percentage of any fee.  In many rural counties in Maryland, Civil Justice’s lawyer referral service is the only lawyer referral service available.  We at Civil Justice believe that innovative solo and small-firm lawyers can play a huge role in meeting the “justice gap” - those people who make too much money to qualify for free legal assistance from organizations like Legal Aid but who cannot afford the large hourly rates normally charged by lawyers.  Civil Justice supports those innovative lawyers helping underserved communities and connects the working poor and Marylanders of moderate income with the lawyers who can provide affordable legal help.  Maryland attorneys who are interested in joining Civil Justice to receive referrals can click here for additional information.