Economic Justice Project

Civil Justice’s Economic Justice Project is designed to help meet the “justice gap” by finding attorneys for people who do not qualify for free legal services through legal services organizations like Legal Aid, yet do not typically have the resources to hire an attorney for a fee of hundreds of dollars an hour.  Civil Justice’s Economic Justice Project helps consumers obtain representation by private attorneys in certain types of cases where consumers are being exploited by businesses.  The representation is possible because consumer protection laws often allow for “fee-shifting.”  “Fee shifting” is where the attorneys’ fees for a consumer are ultimately paid by the business that exploited them.  Fee shifting is only available in certain types of cases and has its limitations, but it can be a powerful incentive for a private lawyer to help those that would otherwise go unrepresented.  

The two main focuses of Civil Justice’s Economic Justice Project are 1) auto fraud and auto repossession abuse cases and 2) landlord/tenant cases.  Please click the category for more information on what types of cases Civil Justice has been successful placing with private attorneys with no upfront cost to the clients.

You may also complete an intake form, and a Civil Justice staff member will reach out to you.