Civil Justice Testifies In Support of Bill to Strengthen the Maryland Consumer Protection Act

On February 7, 2018, Civil Justice provided testimony in the Maryland General Assembly in support of a bill that will strengthen the Maryland Consumer Protection Act.  

HB 648, which can be read here, would add minimum statutory damages for violations of the Consumer Protection Act and give the Court discretion to award treble damages for willful violations.

Civil Justice Executive Director Joseph Mack and Staff Attorney Alexa Bertinelli were joined by Civil Justice Board President Jane Santoni and Civil Justice Members Peter Holland and Ingmar Goldson.  Also testifying were Delegate Aruna Miller (the bill's sponsor), Marceline White (Executive Director of the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition) and Steve Sakamoto-Wengel from the Maryland Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.  

You can read Civil Justice's written testimony in support of HB 648 by clicking here.  You can also view video of the testimony by clicking here (HB 648 is the first bill discussed).