Civil Justice Lawsuit Shuts Down Subprime Auto Lender

A lawsuit filed by Civil Justice and Gordon, Wolf & Carney has taken a bad actor out of the subprime auto lending landscape.  Ace Motor Acceptance Corporation (“Ace”) was a regional subprime auto lender that specialized in working with used car dealerships that exploit the most vulnerable among us by selling questionable vehicles at marked up prices with exorbitant interest rates. These borrowers were typically the working poor, who had to buy a vehicle at such terrible terms just to get to work. When the excessive charges would ultimately cause a borrower to default, Ace would aggressively collect against the consumer. 

Our lawsuit was filed after Civil Justice discovered that Ace had violated federal and state laws thousands of times during its aggressive collections efforts against consumers.  On March 16, 2018, four days after a federal judge denied Ace’s motion to dismiss and said that she found Ace’s behavior in the litigation “extremely troubling,” Ace filed for bankruptcy, advising that it intends to liquidate its business. 

Civil Justice is proud to have taken out this bad actor that preyed on so many of the poor in Maryland.  A review of the Baltimore City District Court filings from 2010-2016 determined that Ace obtained judgments totaling at least $1,217,506.67 against economically vulnerable residents of Baltimore City, making it the 47th most active litigant in that court during that period when ranked by judgment amount.  And that is from just one Maryland County.  In addition to Maryland, Ace also operated in ten other states, from Texas to Virginia.  

Civil Justice continues to seek cases where we can protect the rights of Maryland consumers against these types of abusive practices.  In order to do this, we need your help.  Please consider making a donation to support Civil Justice by clicking here