The Civil Justice Network

Civil Justice supports a Network of private attorneys who maintain their own practices. Through participation in the Civil Justice Network, these solo and small firm Maryland attorneys are committed to growing their own practices while increasing access to legal assistance for traditionally underserved members of the public. Network attorneys provide affordable, high quality services statewide and across numerous practice areas. Civil Justice Network members have the opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and resources with other like-minded attorneys through a listserv, trainings, mentorships and events. Network attorneys are able to grow and learn from the experiences of other attorneys while still maintaining the independence of running their own law firm.

Membership Benefits Include:

Client Referrals

Responding to a diverse range of legal needs, our intake staff refer thousands of clients to Civil Justice Network attorneys each year.  Through Civil Justice’s community contacts and outreach efforts, we connect individuals needing legal services with our Network members.  Callers are first screened for eligibility for free legal services from organizations like Legal Aid, and then referred to our members if no free legal services are available and the client confirms that they understand that our member attorneys charge for representation.  Any fees are then negotiated between the client and attorney. When a Civil Justice Network attorney chooses to represent a client referred by Civil Justice who is in financial need, the attorney will provide a discount to their normal rate, if possible. Civil Justice also uses the referral service to identify unmet legal needs in the community and then develops programs to mobilize Members to meet those unmet needs while continuing to grow their practices.  Unlike most of the county bar association lawyer referral services, Civil Justice does not charge the clients for the referral and does not take a percentage of any fees generated by the referral:

Listing on the Civil Justice Online Database

Civil Justice maintains a public database of our Network attorneys that can be searched by practice area and county.  Approximately two thousand Marylanders use the database to find lawyers each year.

Free On-Demand Legal Trainings

Civil Justice maintains a library of free on demand training videos and sample forms to train our members on how to generate fees while increasing access to justice.  Accordingly, we have trainings on areas such as Maryland family law, fee-shifting claims, representation of tenants, and foreclosure prevention.

Free Membership to is our new referral platform that allows Maryland attorneys and legal services providers to summarize legal matters and upload relevant documents to a website that then allows attorneys who are matched by practice area and county to view the details of the matter and indicate whether they would like to pursue representation.  The website then manages the referral process from there to make sure no client falls through the cracks.  Our members praise the platform because it allows them to view the details of a legal matter without needing to spend a long time on the phone with callers and arranging logistics to view relevant documents. 

Civil Justice Programs

Civil Justice has various programs designed to help connect Marylanders in legal need with affordable legal representation.  Currently, our additional programs focus on foreclosure prevention, consumer law (including landlord/tenant) and limited scope representation in family law.   Our programs help our members to grow their practices while providing important representation to underserved communities.  Click here to view more details about Civil Justice’s programs.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits include access to informal mentoring by experienced network attorneys, access to our listserv (a great online community where network members brainstorm case patterns, discuss trends, and celebrate victories) and help identifying appropriate co-counsel for complex cases.  


All members of the Network must be attorneys in good standing in the jurisdiction where they practice, must have malpractice insurance, and have a commitment to access to justice. To apply to become a CJ Network member, please complete the membership application available below.

Membership Dues

First through Third Years in Solo/Small Firm Practice - $125 a year.

Fourth & Subsequent Years in Solo/Small Firm Practice - $300 a year.

Small Firm (no more than 5 attorneys) - $500 a year.

A membership application can be downloaded here. If you have any questions, please contact Carrie McCully at (410) 706-1154.