Cy Pres Awards

Cy pres awards to Civil Justice have made possible a number of successful initiatives to increase access to justice. Cy pres awards are residual funds from class action cases that are unclaimed or cannot be distributed to the class members.  These residual funds are often awarded to non-profit organizations whose work reflects the interests of the class members. 

Civil Justice is an Ideal Choice for a Cy Pres Award

Civil Justice’s mission to increase access to justice for those of low and moderate means, as well as representing Maryland consumers who have been harmed by unscrupulous business practices make it an ideal match for cy pres awards. 

Prior Cy Pres Recipient: Civil Justice has been approved as a cy pres recipient in a number of cases in both state and federal courts. Civil Justice takes seriously its obligation to be a good steward of funds that it receives.

Connection to Many Types of Class Cases: Because Civil Justice works to increase access to justice in many substantive areas (e.g., consumer protection, foreclosure prevention, student loan debt, landlord-tenant, employment, etc.) we have a nexus to many kinds of class action cases.

Cy pres funds allow Civil Justice to continue its vital work and make a positive impact for low and moderate income individuals.

If you would like more information about directing a cy pres award to Civil Justice, please contact Joseph Mack, Executive Director at or 410-706-0174.

Civil Justice thanks the following lawyers and law firms for directing cy pres awards to Civil Justice:

Scott Borison, Legg Law Firm, LLC

Richard Gordon, Gordon, Wolf & Carney

Peter Holland, The Holland Law Firm

Klafter Olsen & Lesser (Norflet Progress Fund)

Mehri & Skalet, PLLC (Norflet Progress Fund)

Robert W. Murphy, Murphy Law Firm

Jane Santoni, Williams & Santoni