Homebuyer Legal Assistance Program

Civil Justice's Homebuyer Assistance Program provides enhanced intakes and referrals to potential homebuyers who have legal issues that are hindering their ability to purchase a home.  Some of the issues frequently identified as barriers to homeownership include poor credit scores (often caused by inaccurate information on credit reports), debt collection issues, and student loan debt.  A recent Federal Reserve Board study notes that individual financial circumstances, in particular the presence of student loan and credit card debt, are frequently perceived as barriers to homeownership by young adults.

Civil Justice and its Network attorneys have expertise in these areas of law and regularly provide information, education and guidance to housing counselors who are dealing with these issues on behalf of potential homebuyers.  Civil Justice helps housing counselors identify legal issues that may need the assistance of an attorney to resolve.

Civil Justice offers enhanced intakes and referrals to potential homeowners in Maryland, in order to help identify legal barriers and solutions to sustainable homeownership.  If you are a potential homeowner in need of legal assistance, please contact Civil Justice at 410-706-0174, or complete an online intake form.

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