Wrongful Repossession

Maryland law provides restrictions on when a car can be repossessed and how the repo man or repo agent can repossess the vehicle.  For example, repossession cannot be made through a breach of the peace, or through threat of violence.  Additionally, sometimes a car will be repossessed for the wrong reasons or when a borrower is current on payments.   Finally, some unscrupulous auto repossession agents may try to charge people to retrieve their belongings from a car after it has been repossessed.  If your car has been repossessed through a breach of the peace, or if your car was repossessed when you didn’t owe money, or if your car was repossessed and you aren’t being allowed to retrieve your belongings from the car, you should call Civil Justice, free of charge, at (410) 706-0174 or fill out our online intake form here.   

There are various statutes that may allow a consumer who has had one of these things occur to recover damages, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees.  This makes it easier to find an attorney to handle your case without upfront cost to you. If you are interested in finding an attorney, Civil Justice can help. Call us at 410-706-0174 or fill out our online intake form here.   Things you can do to increase the chance of finding legal help include having a copy of the retail installment sales contract that you signed to purchase your car, a copy of any notices you received from the financing company, dealership or repo agent, and having a list of your belongings that got thrown away, if any.

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