Lawsuits After a Repossession

If you are being sued in Maryland by an auto dealer or auto financing company after having your vehicle repossessed, and you think that you may be being sued for too much money, please give Civil Justice a call, free of charge, at (410) 706-0174.  Maryland law provides consumers with rights in connection with having their cars repossessed, and if the auto dealer or auto financing company does not comply with those requirements, it will frequently be prohibited from seeking a judgment from a consumer after a repossession (called a deficiency judgment).  There may also be other problems in the paperwork that will help you defend the case or even file a lawsuit against the company that is suing you.  

It is possible that if an auto dealer or auto financing company is suing you without complying with the proper notice provisions, various statutes  may allow you to recover damages, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees.  This makes it easier to find an attorney to handle your case without upfront cost to you. If you are interested in finding an attorney, Civil Justice can help. Call us at 410-706-0174 or fill out our online intake form here.  Things you can do to increase the chance of finding legal help include having a copy of the retail installment sales contract that you signed to purchase your car, a copy of any notices you received from the financing company or dealership regarding repossession, and having a copy of the lawsuit that was filed against you.  The sooner you call after being served, the more likely Civil Justice will be able to find an attorney to represent you.  There are important and short deadlines that start after you are served and expire before trial, so the sooner the better.

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