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Working for Justice - One Person at a Time

By Civil Justice on Tuesday, September 1, 2015
In the aftermath of the unrest in Baltimore and around the country, we pause to think about the critical need for the legal services provided by non-profit organizations like Civil Justice and by private attorneys who work to achieve fairness and equality for low and moderate income individuals and families. While the protests centered on the police and the treatment of certain communities by the police, underlying the unrest is the strong current of poverty, lack of opportunity and unfairness. Life truly is more difficult for the poor and the nearly poor, for those living in impoverished communities, without access to good schools, healthcare and transportation, and for those living paycheck to paycheck, with no support system in the event of a personal or family crisis. Those who work with low income individuals and families know that the climb out of poverty is difficult with many almost insurmountable obstacles. We see this every day in the stories of the people who contact Civil Justice for assistance.... Read More » Comments (0)
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