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Financing College Education: Beware of Student Loan Debt Sticker Shock

By Civil Justice Network on 12/15/2014 1:54 PM
Applying to college can be exciting, but also presents a variety of challenges. For many Marylanders, financing the cost of a college education is the most significant among these. Fortunately, there are great tools available online to help students understand and plan for the cost of college. Here are some basic tips for navigating the sea of financial decisions associated with higher education and avoiding the student loan debt sticker shock that many recent graduates face. 1) Understand the Total Cost of Attendance Affordability is a key consideration in deciding what college to attend and what degree to pursue. However, the total cost of attendance can be a very tricky figure to nail down. A common misconception is that tuition alone is the cost of attendance. Generally, the total cost of attendance is defined as the sum of the school’s full tuition, room and board for the academic year (sometimes called the living expense), books, and all administrative fees. The total cost of attendance can vary widely... Read More » Comments (0)
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